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At 21 years old, I've been doing photography for 8 years and specialize in unedited photography. I've dreamt about being a landscape photographer since I was 13 and am still working towards that dream.

Being able to capture the beauty that surrounds us and share it with others is what drives me. I also enjoy doing portraits, especially creative ones, and do that on the side.

I have competed in competitions where I placed 4th in the state of Michigan, had local news outlets interview me about my work, judged photography competitions, and had photos published in local businesses as well as in newspapers. After high school, I moved across the country (MI to UT) to pursue photography and continue to grow more passionate about my art. 


Aside from photography, I'm a huge animal person and love to be around them any chance I get. I spend my time hiking, watching movies, playing games, hanging with my family, and finding new places to explore. I was born and raised in the lower peninsula of Michigan and moved to Utah when I was 17 for college and to have some better photo ops. I'm often described as: down-to-earth, caring, stubborn, and adventurous. 


- I've never had pizza 

- Yellow is my favorite color

- Word searches are one of my favorite past times

- Action/Adventure, Thrillers, and Comedies are my favorite movie genres


How I Do Things

When it comes to my photography, I have a very laid-back approach. Especially with portraits, my goal is to make my clients as comfortable as possible and make sure they have fun. I love to meet up with my clients before the actual shoot to go over what they're looking for in both pictures and in a photographer to make sure I can deliver the pictures of your dreams. Whether it's putting on music or doing funny poses, I always make sure my clients have fun in front of the camera and deliver photos you'll love to look back on.

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