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The statistics included on this page are a result of a survey conducted by Lauren McQueen in 2019. Roughly 600 people responded to this survey.

The sections included are: the making of the survey & results, evidence & sources, and the final papers. I encourage you to read all of the information provided as it may give you a new perspective on editing. 



This sections shows how the survey was designed as well as the results of the survey. It included which questions were asked, which images were used, which people were directed to which areas based on each answer, as well as which groups/questions were compared against each other. 

Survey Questions/Layout

Survey Results

This sections shows the sources discussed in the final paper as well as the process of determining which of the original sources found were credible and which ones weren't. Only the credible sources were used in the final paper. It also shows the specific sections of each source that were used.

Text Evidence

Sources & Validation


This sections includes the discussion of the survey results as well as the final paper. The discussion of results and primary research closing papers are a result of the survey and the final paper is based on the text evidence. Note that both the primary research closing and the final paper include my thoughts how to approach this subject in the future as well as some ideas on to how "solve" this issue.

Final Paper

Discussion of Results

Primary Research Closing

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